IsolationLevel Property

Indicates the level of isolation for a Connection object.

Settings and Return Values

Sets or returns an IsolationLevelEnum value. The default is adXactReadCommitted.


Use the IsolationLevel property to set the isolation level of a Connection object. The setting does not take effect until the next time you call the BeginTrans method. If the level of isolation you request is unavailable, the provider may return the next greater level of isolation without updating the IsolationLevel property.

The IsolationLevel property is read/write.


Remote Data Service Usage When used on a client-side Connection object, the IsolationLevel property can be set only to adXactUnspecified. Because users are working with disconnected Recordset objects on a client-side cache, there may be multiuser issues. For instance, when two different users try to update the same record, Remote Data Service simply allows the user who updates the record first to "win." The second user's update request will fail with an error.

Applies To

Connection Object (ADO)

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