Cell Object (ADO MD)

Represents the data at the intersection of axis coordinates contained in a cellset.


A Cell object is returned by the Item property of a Cellset object.

With the collections and properties of a Cell object, you can do the following:

  • Return the data in the Cell with the Value property.

  • Return the string representing the formatted display of the Value property with the FormattedValue property.

  • Return the ordinal value of the Cell within the Cellset with the Ordinal property.

  • Determine the position of the Cell within the CubeDef with the Positions collection.

  • Retrieve other information about the Cell with the standard ADO Properties collection.

    The Properties collection contains provider-supplied properties. The following table lists properties that might be available. The actual property list may differ depending upon the implementation of the provider. See the documentation for your provider for a more complete list of available properties.

Name Description
BackColor Background color used when displaying the cell.
FontFlags Bitmask detailing effects on the font.
FontName Font used to display the cell value.
FontSize Font size used to display the cell value.
ForeColor Foreground color used when displaying the cell.
FormatString Value in a formatted string.

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