Cellset Object (ADO MD)

Represents the results of a multidimensional query. It is a collection of cells selected from cubes or other cellsets.


Data within a Cellset is retrieved using direct, array-like access. You can drill down to a specific member to obtain data about that member. For example, the following code returns the caption of the first member in the first position on the first axis of a cellset named cst:



There is no notion of a current cell within a cellset. Instead, the Item property retrieves a specific Cell object from the cellset. The arguments of the Item property determine which cell is retrieved. You can specify the unique ordinal value of a cell. You can also retrieve cells by using their position numbers along each axis of the cellset. For more information about retrieving cells, see the Item property.

With the collections, methods, and properties of a Cellset object, you can do the following:

  • Associate an open connection with a Cellset object by setting its ActiveConnection property.

  • Execute and retrieve the results of a multidimensional query with the Open method.

  • Retrieve a Cell from the Cellset with the Item property.

  • Return the Axis objects that define the Cellset with the Axes collection.

  • Retrieve information about the dimensions used to filter the data in the Cellset with the FilterAxis property.

  • Return or specify the query used to define the Cellset with the Source property.

  • Return the current state of the Cellset (open, closed, executing, or connecting) with the State property.

  • Close an open Cellset with the Close method.

  • Retrieve provider-specific information about the Cellset with the standard ADO Properties collection.

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  • Properties, Methods, and Events

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