ADOX Enumerated Constants

To assist debugging, the ADOX enumerated constants list a value for each constant. However, this value is purely advisory, and may change from one release of ADOX to another. Your code should only depend on the name, not the actual value, of enumerated constants.

The following enumerated constants are defined.

Enumeration Description
ActionEnum Specifies the type of action to be performed when SetPermissions is called.
AllowNullsEnum Specifies whether records with null values are indexed.
ColumnAttributesEnum Specifies characteristics of a Column.
DataTypeEnum Specifies the data type of a Field, Parameter, or Property.
InheritTypeEnum Specifies how objects will inherit permissions set with SetPermissions.
KeyTypeEnum Specifies the type of Key: primary, foreign, or unique.
ObjectTypeEnum Specifies the type of database object for which to set permissions or ownership.
RightsEnum Specifies the rights or permissions for a group or user on an object.
RuleEnum Specifies the rule to follow when a Key is deleted.
SortOrderEnum Specifies the sort sequence for an indexed column.

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