SQL Server R Services

R Services (In-Database) provides a platform for developing and deploying intelligent applications that uncover new insights. You can use the rich and powerful R language and the many packages from the community to create models and generate predictions using your SQL Server data. Because R Services (In-Database) integrates the R language with SQL Server, you can keep analytics close to the data and eliminate the costs and security risks associated with data movement.

R Services (In-Database) supports the open source R language with a comprehensive set of SQL Server tools and technologies that offer superior performance, security, reliability and manageability. You can deploy R solutions using convenient, familiar tools, and your production applications can call the R runtime and retrieve predictions and visuals using Transact-SQL. You also get the ScaleR libraries to improve the scale and performance of your R solutions.

Through SQL Server setup, you can install both server and client components.

  • R Services (In-Database): Install this feature during SQL Server setup to enable secure execution of R scripts on the SQL Server computer.

    When you select this feature, extensions are installed in the database engine to support execution of R scripts, and a new service is created, the SQL Server Trusted Launchpad, to manage communications between the R runtime and the SQL Server instance.

  • Microsoft R Server (Standalone): A distribution of open source R combined with proprietary packages that support parallel processing and other performance improvements. Both R Services (In-Database) and Microsoft R Server (Standalone) include the base R runtime and packages, plus the ScaleR libraries for enhanced connectivity and performance.

  • Microsoft R Client is available as a separate, free installer. You can use Microsoft R Client to develop solutions that can be deployed to R Services running on SQL Server, or to Microsoft R Server running on Windows, Teradata, or Hadoop.


If you need to run your R code in SQL Server, be sure to install R Services (In-Database) as described here.

Microsoft R Server (Standalone) is a separate option designed for using the ScaleR libraries on a Windows computer that is not running SQL Server.

However, if you have Enterprise Edition, we recommend that you install Microsoft R Server (Standalone) on a laptop or other computer used for R development, to create R solutions that can easily be deployed to an instance of SQL Server that is running R Services (In-Database).

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