Create a Power View Report with a Multidimensional Data Source

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Analysis Services noAzure Analysis Services noPower BI Premium

Creating a Power View report based on a multidimensional model is no different than creating a report based on a Power Pivot workbook or an Analysis Services Tabular model. Power View reports are created from a Report Data Source connection file (.rsds) in a SharePoint library. For more information about how to create an .rsds, see Create a Report Data Source.

Before you begin, you need to know:

  • The name and location of the SharePoint library that contains a shared report data source connection (.rsds) to a multidimensional model.

Create a new, blank Power View report

  • In the SharePoint library, click the arrow next to the .rsds shared report data source connection (the .rsds that connects to the multidimensional model), and then click Create Power View Report.