Define Database Dimensions

Use Dimension Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to configure an existing database dimension in a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services project or database. You can use Dimension Designer to do the following:

  • Configure the dimension-level properties.

  • Add and configure dimension attributes.

  • Define and configure user-defined hierarchies.

  • Define and configure relationships between attributes.

  • Define dimension translations.

  • For processed dimensions, you can browse the dimension structure and view data.

    After you modify a dimension, attribute, or hierarchy, you must process that dimension to view the changes. When working in project mode, you deploy the changes to the Analysis Services instance before processing.

    For more information about how to open a dimension in Dimension Designer, see Modify or Delete a Database Dimension in Solution Explorer.

    Dimension Designer has three different tabs, which are described in the following table.

Tab Description
Dimension Structure Use this tab to work with the structure of a dimension—to examine or create the data source view schema for a dimension, to work with attributes, and to organize attributes in user-defined hierarchies.
Attribute Relationships Use this tab to create, modify, or delete the attribute relationships of a dimension.
Translations Use this tab to add and edit translations of dimension metadata in different languages.
Browser Use this tab to examine the members of a processed dimension and to review translations of dimension metadata.

The following topics describe the tasks that you can perform in Dimension Designer.

Dimension Attribute Properties Reference
Describes how to define and configure a dimension attribute.

Create User-Defined Hierarchies
Describes how to define and configure a user-defined hierarchy.

Define Attribute Relationships
Describes how to define and configure an attribute relationship.

Use the Business Intelligence Wizard to Enhance Dimensions
Describes how to use the Business Intelligence Wizard to enhance a dimension.