Getting the Driver Version

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The version of the installed Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server can be found in the following ways:

  • Call the SQLServerDatabaseMetaData methods getDriverMajorVersion, getDriverMinorVersion, or getDriverVersion.

  • The version is displayed in the readme.txt file of the product distribution.

    In addition, the JDBC driver name can be returned from the getDriverName method call on the SQLServerDatabaseMetaData class. It will return, for example, "Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.4 for SQL Server".

    The following is an example of the output from calls to the methods of the SQLServerDatabaseMetaData class:

    getDriverName = Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.4 for SQL Server

    getDriverMajorVersion = 6

    getDriverMinorVersion = 4

    getDriverVersion = 6.4. xxx.x

    Where "xxx.x" is the final version number.

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