unwrap Method (SQLServerStatement)

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Returns an object that implements the specified interface to allow access to the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server-specific methods.


public <T> T unwrap(Class<T> iface)  



A class of type T defining an interface.

Return Value

An object that implements the specified interface.




The unwrap method is defined by the java.sql.Wrapper interface, which is introduced in the JDBC 4.0 Spec.

Applications might need to access extensions to the JDBC API that are specific to the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server. The unwrap method supports unwrapping to public classes that this object extends, if the classes expose vendor extensions.

When this method is called, the object unwraps to the SQLServerStatement class.

For example code, see Updating Large Data Sample, or unwrap Method (SQLServerCallableStatement).

For more information, see Wrappers and Interfaces.

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