Updating Data (Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server)

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The topics in this section address how to update data in a database by examining common use cases.

The steps for using the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server to update data in a database can be summarized as follows:

  1. Define a Transact-SQL query that performs an insert, update, or delete operation.

  2. Update parameter values for parameterized queries.

  3. Execute the Transact-SQL queries with the updated parameter values (if applicable). See Comparing Execution Functions for more information about executing a query.

In This Section

Topic Description
How to: Perform Parameterized Queries Describes how to perform parameterized queries.
How to: Send Data as a Stream Describes how to stream data to the server.
How to: Perform Transactions Describes how to use sqlsrv functions to perform transactions.

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