Data Quality Client Application

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions)

The Data Quality Client application enables you to perform data quality operations using a standalone tool. This application enables you to create knowledge bases, create and run data quality projects, and perform administrative tasks.

Data stewards, data experts, or IT professionals who are responsible for managing data assets and maintaining high standards of data quality can use the client application in any of three roles: a DQS KB Operator who can edit and execute a data quality project; a DQS KB Editor who can perform project functions, and create and edit a knowledge base; and a DQS Administrator who can perform project and knowledge base functions and administer the system. For more information, see DQS Security.

Installing the Data Quality Client Application

The Data Quality Client application is installed using the SQL Server setup. You can install the client application on the same computer as Data Quality Server, or on a remote computer. For more information about installing the Data Quality Client application, see Install Data Quality Services.

Task Description Topic
Describes how to use the Data Quality Client application. Run the Data Quality Client Application
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Describes how to cleanse your data in DQS. Data Cleansing
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