Install SQL Server

For content related to previous versions of SQL Server, see Install SQL Server 2014.

SQL Server 2016 is a 64-bit application. Here are important details about how to get SQL Server and how to install it.

Installation details

  • Options: Install through the Installation Wizard, a command prompt, or through sysprep

  • Requirements: Before you install, take some time to review installation requirements, system configuration checks, and security considerations in Planning a SQL Server Installation

  • Process: See Installation for SQL Server for complete instructions on the installation process

  • Sample databases and sample code:

    • They are not installed as part of SQL Server setup by default
    • To install them for non-Express editions of SQL Server, see the CodePlex Web site
    • To read about support for SQL Server sample databases and sample code for SQL Server Express, see Databases and Samples Overview

Get the installation media

The download location for SQL Server 2017 depends on the edition:

  • SQL Server Enterprise, Standard, and Express Editions are licensed for production use. For Enterprise and Standard Editions, contact your software vendor for the installation media. You can find purchasing information and a directory of Microsoft partners on the Microsoft purchasing website.

  • Free editions are available at these links:

Edition Description
Developer Edition Free, full-featured set of SQL Server 2016 Enterprise edition software that allows developers to build, test, and demonstrate applications in a non-production environment.
Express Edition Entry-level, free database that is ideal for deploying small databases in production environments. Build desktop, and small server, data-driven applications up to 10 GB of disk size.
Evaluation Edition Full feature set of SQL Server Enterprise edition software that provides a 180 day evaluation period.

How to install SQL Server

Title Description
Install SQL Server 2016 on Server Core Review this topic to install SQL Server 2017 on Windows Server Core.
Check Parameters for the System Configuration Checker Discusses the function of the System Configuration Checker (SCC).
Install SQL Server 2016 from the Installation Wizard (Setup) Procedural topic for a typical SQL Server installation by using the Installation Wizard.
Install SQL Server 2016 from the Command Prompt Procedural topic that provides sample syntax and installation parameters for running unattended Setup.
Install SQL Server 2016 Using a Configuration File Procedural topic that provides sample syntax and installation parameters for running Setup through a configuration file.
Install SQL Server 2016 Using SysPrep Procedural topic that provides sample syntax and installation parameters for running Setup through SysPrep.
Add Features to an Instance of SQL Server 2016 (Setup) Procedural topic for updating components of an existing instance of SQL Server 2017.
Repair a Failed SQL Server 2016 Installation Procedural topic for repairing a corrupt SQL Server 2017 installation.
Rename a Computer that Hosts a Stand-Alone Instance of SQL Server Procedural topic for updating system metadata that is stored in sys.servers.
Install SQL Server 2016 Servicing Updates Procedural topic for installing updates for SQL Server 2016.
View and Read SQL Server Setup Log Files Procedural topic for checking errors in setup log files.
Validate a SQL Server Installation Review the use of the SQL Discovery report to verify the version of SQL Server and the SQL Server features installed on the computer.

How to install individual components

Topic Description
Install SQL Server Database Engine Describes how to install and configure the SQL Server Database Engine.
Install SQL Server Replication Describes how to install and configure SQL Server Replication.
Install Distributed Replay - Overview Lists down the topics to install the Distributed Replay feature.
Install SQL Server Management Tools with SSMS Describes how to install and configure SQL Server management tools.
Install SQL Server PowerShell Describes the considerations for installing SQL Server PowerShell components.

How to configure SQL Server

Topic Description
Configure the Windows Firewall to Allow SQL Server Access This topic provides an overview of firewall configuration and how to configure the Windows firewall.
Configure a Multi-Homed Computer for SQL Server Access This topic describes how to configure SQL Server and Windows Firewall with Advanced Security to provide for network connections to an instance of SQL Server in a multi-homed environment.
Configure the Windows Firewall to Allow Analysis Services Access You can follow the steps provided in this topic to configure both port and firewall settings to allow access to Analysis Services or Power Pivot for SharePoint.

Editions and Supported Features for SQL Server 2016
Install SQL Server 2016 Business Intelligence Features
SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation

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