Excel Connection Manager Editor

Use the Excel Connection Manager Editor dialog box to add a connection to an existing or a new Microsoft Excel workbook file.

To learn more about the Excel connection manager, see Excel Connection Manager.


Excel file path
Type the path and file name of an existing or a new Excel workbook file (.xls).


You cannot connect to a password-protected Excel file.


The Excel Destination Editor automatically creates the Excel file when you select an Excel Connection that points to a new or non-existent file and then click New for Name of the Excel Sheet.

Use the Open dialog box to navigate to the folder in which the excel file exists or where you want to create the new file.

Excel version
Specify the version of Microsoft Excel that was used to create the file.

First row has column names
Specify whether the first row of data in the selected worksheet contains column names. The default value of this option is True.

Providers and drivers for Microsoft Excel and Access file

You may have to download the OLE DB providers and drivers for Microsoft Office files if they're not already installed. Later versions of the provider can open files created by earlier versions of Excel.

If the computer has a 32-bit version of Office, then you have to install the 32-bit version of the drivers, and you also have to ensure that you run the wizard or the Integration Services package that it creates in 32-bit mode.

Microsoft Office version Download
2007 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components
2010 Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime
2013 Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime
2016 Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime

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