Configuring the Script Task in the Script Task Editor

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server, including on Linux yesAzure SQL Database yesAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Before you write custom code in the Script task, you configure its principal properties in the three pages of the Script Task Editor. You can configure additional task properties that are not unique to the Script task by using the Properties window.


Unlike earlier versions where you could indicate whether scripts were precompiled, all scripts are precompiled beginning in SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS).

General Page of the Script Task Editor

On the General page of the Script Task Editor, you assign a unique name and a description for the Script task.

Script Page of the Script Task Editor

The Script page of the Script Task Editor displays the custom properties of the Script task.

ScriptLanguage Property

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) supports the Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C# programming languages. After you create a script in the Script task, you cannot change value of the ScriptLanguage property.

To set the default script language for Script tasks and Script components, use the ScriptLanguage property on the General page of the Options dialog box. For more information, see General Page.

EntryPoint Property

The EntryPoint property specifies the method on the ScriptMain class in the VSTA project that the Integration Services runtime calls as the entry point into the Script task code. The ScriptMain class is the default class generated by the script templates.

If you change the name of the method in the VSTA project, you must change the value of the EntryPoint property.

ReadOnlyVariables and ReadWriteVariables Properties

You can enter comma-delimited lists of existing variables as the values of these properties to make the variables available for read-only or read/write access within the Script task code. Variables of both types are accessed in code through the Variables property of the Dts object. For more information, see Using Variables in the Script Task.


Variable names are case-sensitive.

To select the variables, click the ellipsis (...) button next to the property field. For more information, see Select Variables Page.

Edit Script Button

The Edit Script button launches the VSTA development environment in which you write your custom script. For more information, see Coding and Debugging the Script Task.

Expressions Page of the Script Task Editor

On the Expressions page of the Script Task Editor, you can use expressions to provide values for the properties of the Script task listed above and for many other task properties. For more information, see Integration Services (SSIS) Expressions.

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