Lesson 6-3 - Testing the Lesson 6 Package

At run time, your package will obtain the value for the Directory property from the VarFolderName parameter.

To verify that the package updates the Directory property with the new value during run time, simply execute the package. Because only three sample data files were copied to the new directory, the data flow will run only three times, rather than iterate through the 14 files in the original folder.

Checking the Package Layout

Before you test the package you should verify that the control and data flows in the Lesson 6 package contains the objects shown in the following diagrams. The control flow should be identical to the control flow in lesson 5. The data flow should be identical to the data flow in lesson 5.

Control Flow

Control Flow

Data Flow

Data Flow

TO test the Lesson 6 tutorial package

  1. On the Debug menu, click Start Debugging.

  2. After the package has completed running, on the Debug menu, and then click Stop Debugging.

Next Task in Lesson

Step 4: Deploying the Lesson 6 Package