Troubleshooting Reports for Package Execution

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) yes SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory

In the current release of SQL ServerIntegration Services, standard reports are available in SQL Server Management Studio to help you monitor and troubleshoot Integration Services packages that have been deployed to the Integration Services catalog. Two of these package reports in particular help you to view package execution status and identify the cause of execution failures.

  • Integration Services Dashboard - This report provides an overview of all the package executions on the SQL Server instance in the past 24 hours. The report displays information such as Status, Operation Type, Package Name, etc., for each package.

    The Start Time, End Time, and Duration can be interpreted as follows:

    • If the package is still running, then Duration = current time - Start Time

    • If the package has completed, then Duration = End Time - Start Time

    For each package that has run on the server, the dashboard allows you to "zoom in" to find specific details on package execution errors that may have occurred. For example, click Overview to display a high-level overview of the status of the tasks in the execution, or All Messages to display the detailed messages that were captured as part of the package execution.

    You can filter the table displayed on any page by clicking Filter and then selecting criteria in the Filter Settings dialog. The filter criteria available depends on the data being displayed. You can change the sort order of the report by clicking the sort icon in the Filter Settings dialog.

  • Activity - All Executions Report - This report displays a summary of all Integration Services executions that have been performed on the server. The summary displays information for each execution such as status, start time, and end time. Each summary entry includes links to more information about the execution including messages generated during execution and performance data. As with the Integration Services Dashboard, you can apply a filter to the table to narrow down the information displayed.

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