Release notes for SQL Server 2019 preview on Linux

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The following release notes apply to SQL Server 2019 CTP running on Linux. This article is broken into sections for each release. Each release has a link to a support article describing the CU changes as well as links to the Linux package downloads.


To learn about new Linux features in SQL Server 2019, see What's new in SQL Server 2019.

Supported platforms

Platform File System Installation Guide
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 or 7.4 Workstation, Server, and Desktop XFS or EXT4 Installation guide
SUSE Enterprise Linux Server v12 SP2 XFS or EXT4 Installation guide
Ubuntu 16.04LTS XFS or EXT4 Installation guide
Docker Engine 1.8+ on Windows, Mac, or Linux N/A Installation guide


For more information, review the system requirements for SQL Server on Linux. For the latest support policy for SQL Server 2017, see the Technical support policy for Microsoft SQL Server.


Most existing client tools that target SQL Server can seamlessly target SQL Server running on Linux. Some tools might have a specific version requirement to work well with Linux. For a full list of SQL Server tools, see SQL Tools and Utilities for SQL Server.

Release history

The following table lists the release history for SQL Server 2019 CTPs.

Release Version Release date
CTP 2.0 15.0.1000.34 2018-09-24

How to install updates

If you have configured the preview repository (mssql-server-preview), then you will get the latest SQL Server CTP packages when you perform new installations. If you require Docker container images, please see official images for Microsoft SQL Server on Linux for Docker Engine. For more information about repository configuration, see Configure repositories for SQL Server on Linux.

If you are updating existing SQL Server packages, run the appropriate update command for each package to get the latest CU. For specific update instructions for each package, see the following installation guides:

CTP 2.0 (September 2018)

The following sections provide package locations and known issues for the CTP 2.0 release. To learn more about new features for Linux on SQL Server 2019, see the What's new in SQL Server 2019.

Package details

For manual or offline package installations, you can download the RPM and Debian packages with the information in the following table:

Package Package version Downloads
Red Hat RPM package 15.0.1000.34-2 Engine RPM package
High Availability RPM package
Full-text Search RPM package
Extensibility RPM package
Java Extensibility RPM package
SLES RPM package 15.0.1000.34-2 mssql-server Engine RPM package
High Availability RPM package
Full-text Search RPM package
Extensibility RPM package
Java Extensibility RPM package
Ubuntu 16.04 Debian package 15.0.1000.34-2 Engine Debian package
High Availability Debian package
Full-text Search Debian package
Extensibility Debian package
Java Extensibility Debian package

Known issues

Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Currently, MSDTC requires transactions to be unauthenticated. For example, if you are using a linked server from SQL Server on Windows to SQL Server on Linux or use a Windows client application to start a distributed transaction against SQL Server on Linux, then MSDTC on Windows server/client is required to use option "No Authentication Required".

Next steps

To get started, see the following quickstarts:

For answers to frequently asked questions, see the SQL Server on Linux FAQ.