Delete an Attribute (Master Data Services)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server (Windows only) noAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

In Master Data Services, delete an attribute when you want to permanently delete the attribute and all associated attribute values.


To perform this procedure:

To delete an attribute

  1. In Master Data Manager, click System Administration.

  2. On the Manage Model page, select a model from the grid and then click Entities.

  3. On the Manage Entity page, select the row for the entity that you want to create an attribute for.

  4. Click Attributes.

  5. On the Manage Attributes page, do one of the following.

    • If the attribute is for leaf members, select Leaf from the Member Types list box.

    • If the attribute is for consolidated members, select Consolidated from the Member Types list box.

    • If the attribute is for collections, select Collection from the Member Types list box.

  6. Select the row for the attribute you want to delete.


    You cannot delete the Name or Code attributes.

  7. Click Delete.

  8. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

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