Learn SQL Server Master Data Services

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) - Windows only YesAzure SQL Managed Instance


  • To explore the new features and capabilities, try out a Self-paced Lab (sign-in with your Microsoft account is required).
  • To develop a Master Data Services solution to store and manage master lists of geographic data, using the Add-in for Excel and the Master Data Manager, try out a Self-paced Lab. You'll create entities and hierarchies, and use SSIS to populate a dimension table.


  • To learn about the new capabilities of Master Data Services, watch this video.


  • To learn more about how you can structure data in Master Data Services using models, entities, and hierarchies, try out the sample models that are included when you install Master Data Services. For instructions on deploying the samples, see Deploy Sample Models and Data.

    For information about updates to the sample models, see SQL Server Samples: Model Deployment Packages.

  • For a demonstration of how to customize the way that you and your users interact with Master Data Services, try out the MDS C# console application samples that are included with the SQL Server samples. You can download the SQL Server samples as a .zip file from this GitHub repository.

    The following are the MDS application samples. The SQL Server samples download also includes readmes that help you get started using the application samples.

    • Master Data Services Business Rule API Sample
    • Master Data Services Entity Based Staging API Sample
    • Master Data Services Master Data API Sample
    • Master Data Services Metadata API Sample
    • Master Data Services Security Model Deployment API Sample
    • Master Data Services Security API Sample
    • Master Data Services Security API Sample

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