Combine Data (MDS Add-in for Excel)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) - Windows only YesAzure SQL Managed Instance

In the Master Data ServicesAdd-in for Excel, combine data from two worksheets when you want to compare data before publishing. In this procedure, you combine data from a two worksheets into one. Then you can perform further comparisons and determine which data, if any, to publish to the MDS repository.


  • You must have a worksheet that contains MDS-managed data. For more information, see Export Data to Excel from Master Data Services.

  • You must have a worksheet that contains data you want to combine with MDS-managed data. This sheet must have a header row.

To combine non-managed data into an MDS-managed sheet

  1. On the sheet that contains MDS-managed data, in the Publish and Validate group, click Combine Data.

  2. In the Combine Data dialog box, next to the Range to combine with MDS data text box, click the icon. The dialog box contracts.

  3. Click the sheet that contains the data you want to combine.

  4. Highlight all cells on the sheet that you want to combine, including the header row.

  5. In the Combine Data dialog box, click the icon. The dialog box expands.

  6. For a column listed for the MDS entity, select a column under Corresponding Column. All MDS columns do not need corresponding columns.

  7. Click Combine. A SOURCE column is displayed, indicating whether the data is from MDS or an external source.

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