MDX Data Manipulation Statements (MDX)

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

In Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), data manipulation statements retrieve and manipulate data from multidimensional objects. The following table lists the data manipulation statements in MDX.

In This Section

Topic Description
CALL Statement (MDX) Runs a stored procedure that returns a void either in the current scope or optionally on a specified cube.
CLEAR CALCULATIONS Statement (MDX) Removes all calculations from the cube and returns the cube to calculation pass 0.
DRILLTHROUGH Statement (MDX) Retrieves the rowsets that were used to create a specified cell in a cube.
SELECT Statement (MDX) Retrieves data from a specified cube.
UPDATE CUBE Statement (MDX) Updates the value of a specified leaf or nonleaf cell in a cube, optionally allocating the value for a specified non-leaf cell across dependent leaf cells.

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