Unary Operators

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In Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), unary operators perform an operation on a single operand, such as returning the negative or positive value of a numeric expression.

MDX supports the unary operators listed in the following table.

Operator Description
- (Negative) Returns the negative value of a numeric expression.
+ (Positive) Returns the positive value of a numeric expression.

The following example demonstrates the use of a unary operator to return the negative value of a measure:

   MEMBER [Measures].[NegDiscountAmount] AS  
   -[Measures].[Discount Amount]  
   {[Measures].[Discount Amount],[Measures].[NegDiscountAmount]} on COLUMNS,  
   NON EMPTY [Product].[Product].MEMBERS  ON Rows  
FROM [Adventure Works]  
WHERE [Product].[Category].[Bikes]  

In addition, MDX uses special unary operators to determine the aggregation operation performed by the RollupChildren function. For more information on these special unary operators, see Add a Custom Aggregation to a Dimension.

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