SQLStatistics (Text File Driver)


This topic provides Text File Driver-specific information. For general information about this function, see the appropriate topic under ODBC API Reference.

Column Comments
TABLE_QUALIFIER The path to a directory.

Pattern matching is not supported in the szTableQualifier argument.
TABLE_OWNER NULL is returned in this column because owner name is not supported.
TABLE_NAME Undelimited table name.

Pattern matching is not supported in the szTableName argument.
INDEX_QUALIFIER NULL is always returned.
INDEX_NAME Index-dependent.
TYPE Only SQL_TABLE_STAT or SQL_INDEX_OTHER will be returned for TYPE.
SEQ_IN_INDEX Index-dependent.
COLUMN_NAME Index-dependent.
COLLATION Index-dependent.
PAGES NULL is always returned.

Filtering is based on uniqueness (the fUnique argument). The fAccuracy parameter is ignored.