SQLTables (Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver)


This topic contains Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver-specific information. For general information about this function, see the appropriate topic under ODBC API Reference.

Support: Full

ODBC API Conformance: Level 1

Returns the list of table names specified by the parameter in the SQLTables statement. If no parameter is specified, returns the table names stored in the current data source. The driver returns the information as a result set.

Enumeration type calls will not receive a result set entry for remote views or local parameterized views. However, a call to SQLTables with a unique table name specifier will find a match for such a view if present with that name; this allows the API to be used to check for name conflicts prior to creation of a new table.


The Visual FoxPro ODBC driver differentiates between database tables and free tables, even when both types of tables are stored in the same directory on your system. If your data source is a directory of free tables, the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver does not catalog or return the names of any tables that are associated with a database.

For more information, see SQLTables in the ODBC Programmer's Reference.