Visual FoxPro Terminology

In Visual FoxPro, a database file has a .dbc extension and can contain one or more tables.

database table
In Visual FoxPro, a table that is associated with a database. Contrast free table.

free table
In Visual FoxPro, a table that is not associated with a database.

A .dbf file created in FoxPro version 2.x is a free table unless it is converted to a Visual FoxPro table and added to a Visual FoxPro database. Contrast database table.

preparable SQL statement
A SQL statement that has not already been processed by the SQLPrepare function. For more information about this function with the Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver, see SQLPrepare (Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver).

In Visual FoxPro, records are stored in a table. Each row of a table represents a record, and the columns of the table represent the fields of the record. Each Visual FoxPro table is stored in its own file with a .dbf extension. Visual FoxPro tables can be associated with a database.

FoxPro version 2.x tables are not associated with a database.