Microsoft® ODBC Test is an ODBC-enabled application that you can use to test ODBC drivers and the ODBC Driver Manager. ODBC 3.51 includes both ANSI and Unicode-enabled versions of ODBC Test. The corresponding files are as follows:

  • Odbcte32.exe and Gtrtst32.dll, for the ANSI version.

  • Odbct32w.exe and Gtrts32w.dll, for the Unicode version.

To use ODBC Test, you must understand the ODBC API, the C language, and SQL. For more information about the ODBC API, see the ODBC Programmer's Reference.

Help topics that were formerly included within this section of the documentation are now contained within the ODBC Test program. Open Odbcte32.exe or Odbct32w.exe, open the Help menu, and then click Help Topics.

Note that the 64-bit versions of these applications, meant for 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems, have the same names as the 32-bit versions, even though they are separate files. i.e. the name for the Unicode version of the 64-bit version of ODBC Test is odbct32w.exe.