The identifier for the GUID ODBC C data type is:


The following table shows the ODBC SQL data types to which GUID C data may be converted. For an explanation of the columns and terms in the table, see Converting Data from C to SQL Data Types.

SQL type identifier Test SQLSTATE
SQL_CHAR Column byte length >= 36 n/a
SQL_VARCHAR Column byte length < 36 22001
SQL_LONGVARCHAR Data value is not a valid GUID 22018
SQL_WCHAR Column character length >= 36 n/a
SQL_WVARCHAR Column character length < 36 22001
SQL_WLONGVARCHAR Data value is not a valid GUID 22018
SQL_GUID None[a] n/a

[a] All hexidecimal values are valid as a GUID.

The driver ignores the length/indicator value when converting data from the GUID C data type and assumes that the size of the data buffer is the size of the GUID C data type. The length/indicator value is passed in the StrLen_or_Ind argument in SQLPutData and in the buffer specified with the StrLen_or_IndPtr argument in SQLBindParameter. The data buffer is specified with the DataPtr argument in SQLPutData and the ParameterValuePtr argument in SQLBindParameter.