ODBC Service Provider Interface Summary

The following table describes ODBC Service Provider interface functions. For more information about the syntax and semantics for each function, see ODBC Service Provider Interface (SPI) Reference.

Function name Purpose
SQLSetConnectAttrForDbcInfo Same as SQLSetConnectAttr, but it sets the attribute on the connection information token instead of on the connection handle.
SQLSetDriverConnectInfo Sets the connection string into the connection info token for an application's SQLDriverConnect call.
SQLSetConnectInfo Sets the data source, user ID, and password into the connection info token for an application's SQLConnect call.
SQLGetPoolID Retrieves the pool ID.
SQLRateConnection Determines if a driver can reuse an existing connection in the connection pool.
SQLPoolConnect Create a new connection if no connection in the pool can be reused.
SQLCleanupConnectionPoolID Informs a driver that a pool ID was timed out.