Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions)


Attribute Value
Product Name SQL Server
Event ID 21879
Component SQLEngine
Symbolic Name SQLErrorNum21879
Message Text Unable to query the redirected server '%s' for original publisher '%s' and publisher database '%s' to determine the name of the remote server; Error %d, Error message '%s'.


sp_validate_redirected_publisher uses a temporary linked server that it creates to connect to the redirected publisher in order to discover the name of the remote server. Error 21879 is returned when the linked server query fails. The call to request the remote server name is typically the first use of the temporary linked server, so if there are connectivity problems they are likely to appear first with this call. This remote call simply executes select @@servername at the remote server.

The linked server used to query the redirected publisher uses the security mode, login, and password supplied when sp_adddistpublisher was called for the original publisher.

  • If SQL Server authentication was used (security mode 0) then the login and password specified are used to connect to the remote server.

  • If Windows authentication was used (security mode 1) a trusted connection is used for the connection.

    • If sp_validate_redirected_publisher is called explicitly by a user, the Windows login that the user is running under is used for the connection.

    • If sp_validate_redirected_publisher is called by a replication agent from sp_get_redirected_publisher, the Windows login associated with the agent is used.

Error 21879 can indicate that sp_validate_redirected_publisher was called using a login that is not known at the redirected target publisher.

User Action

Make certain that the SQL Server authentication login or the Windows authentication login is valid at all of the availability group replicas and has sufficient authorization to access the subscription metadata tables (syssubscriptions and sysmergesubscriptions) in the publisher database.

There are special considerations when error 21879 is returned from a call to sp_get_redirected_publisher that is initiated by a replication agent running on a node other that the distributor; such as a merge agent running at a subscriber. If Windows authentication is used for the connection to the redirected publisher, SQL Server must be configured for Kerberos authentication for the connection to be successfully established. When Windows authentication is used and SQL Server is not configured for Kerberos authentication, error 18456 indicating that the 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON' login failed, is received by a merge agent running at a subscriber. There are three possible ways to address this issue:

  • Configure SQL Server for Kerberos authentication. See Kerberos Authentication and SQL Server in SQL Server Books Online.

  • Use sp_changedistpublisher to change the security mode associated with the original publisher in MSdistpublishers, as well as to specify a login and password to use for the connection.

  • Specify the command line parameter BypassPublisherValidation on the merge agent command line to bypass validation when sp_get_redirected_publisher is called at the distributor.