FT:Crawl Aborted Event Class

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server yesAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

The FT:Crawl Aborted event class indicates that an exception has been encountered during a full-text crawl. The error usually causes the full-text crawl to stop. Check the Microsoft Windows event log or the crawl log for more detailed error information.

FT:Crawl Aborted Event Class Data Columns

Data column name Data type Description Column ID Filterable
DatabaseID int ID of the database in which the full-text crawl is running. Determine the value for a database by using the DB_ID function. 3 Yes
Error int Error number of a given event. Often this is the error number stored in the sysmessages table. 31 Yes
EventClass int Type of event = 157. 27 No
EventSequence int Sequence of a given event within the request. 51 No
IsSystem int Indicates whether the event occurred on a system process or a user process. 1 = system, 0 = user. 60 Yes
ObjectID int System-assigned ID of the object on which the full-text crawl is running when the failure occurs. 22 Yes
SessionLoginName nvarchar Login name of the user who originated the session. For example, if you connect to SQL Server using Login1 and execute a statement as Login2, SessionLoginName shows Login1 and LoginName shows Login2. This column displays both SQL Server and Windows logins. 64 Yes
SPID int ID of the session on which the event occurred. 12 Yes
StartTime datetime Time at which the event started, if available. 14 Yes
State int Equivalent to an error state code. 30 Yes
TransactionID bigint System-assigned ID of the transaction. 4 Yes

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