srv_pfield (Extended Stored Procedure API)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions)


This feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature. Use CLR integration instead.

Returns information about a database connection.


DBCHAR * srv_pfield (  
int *  


Pointer identifying a database connection.

Specifies data on the connection to return.

Value Returns
SRV_APPLNAME The application name provided by the client when it established the connection.
SRV_BCPFLAG A flag that is TRUE if the client is preparing for a bulk copy operation; otherwise, FALSE.
SRV_CLIB The name of the library that enables the client to talk to a server.
SRV_CPID The client process ID on the client source computer.
SRV_HOST The name of the client's machine provided by the client when it established the connection.
SRV_LIBVERS The version of the client library.
SRV_LSECURE A flag. TRUE if the connection used integrated security to login.
SRV_NETWORK_MODULE The name of the Net-Library DLL used by the connection.
SRV_NETWORK_VERSION The version of the Net-Library DLL used by the connection.
SRV_NETWORK_CONNECTION The connection string passed to the Net-Library DLL used for the current srvproc connection.
SRV_PIPEHANDLE A string containing the pipe handle of a connected client, or NULL if the client is connected on a network that does not use named pipes. To use this handle as a valid pipe handle with Microsoft Windows, convert this string to an integer.
SRV_RMTSERVER The server from which the client process is logged in. If the login is from a client, this value is an empty string.
SRV_ROWSENT The number of rows already sent by srvproc for the current set of results.
SRV_SPID The server thread ID of the srvproc. For extended stored procedures, this value is the same as the kpid column of sys.sysprocesses, and it can change over time.
SRV_SPROC_CODEPAGE Codepage that the server uses to interpret multbyte data.
SRV_STATUS The current status of srvproc: running or closed
SRV_TYPE The connection type of srvproc. If server is returned, srvproc is from an instance of SQL Server. If client is returned, srvproc is from a DB-Library or ODBC client.
SRV_USER The user name of the connection.

Is a pointer to an int variable that contains the length of the returned field value. If len is NULL, the length of the string is not returned.


A pointer to a null-terminated string containing the current value for the specified field in the SRV_PROC structure. If the field is empty, a valid pointer to an empty string is returned and len contains 0. If the field is unknown, NULL is returned and len contains the value -1.


You should thoroughly review the source code of extended stored procedures, and you should test the compiled DLLs before you install them on a production server. For information about security review and testing, see the Security Developer Center.