Lesson 3: Database backup to URL

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In this lesson, you will back up the AdventureWorks2014 database in your on-premises SQL Server 2016 instance to the Azure container that you created in Lesson 1: Create a stored access policy and a shared access signature on an Azure container.


If you wish to backup a SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2 or later database or a SQL Server 2014 database to this Azure container, you can use the deprecated syntax documented here to backup to URL using the WITH CREDENTIAL syntax.

To back up a database to Blob storage, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Open a new query window and connect to the SQL Server 2016 instance of the database engine in your Azure virtual machine.

  3. Copy and paste the following Transact-SQL script into the query window. Modify the URL appropriately for your storage account name and the container that you specified in Lesson 1 and then execute this script.

    -- To permit log backups, before the full database backup, modify the database to use the full recovery model.  
    USE master;  
    ALTER DATABASE AdventureWorks2014  
    -- Back up the full AdventureWorks2014 database to the container that you created in Lesson 1  
    BACKUP DATABASE AdventureWorks2014   
       TO URL = 'https://<mystorageaccountname>.blob.core.windows.net/<mystorageaccountcontainername>/AdventureWorks2014_onprem.bak'  
  4. Open Object Explorer and connect to Azure storage using your storage account and account key.

  5. Expand Containers, expand the container that your created in Lesson 1 and verify that the backup from step 3 above appears in this container.

    On-premises backup file appears as blob in Azure container

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