Job Activity Monitor (Filter Settings)

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Use this page to reduce the number of rows visible in the Job Activity Monitor. Enter criteria in one or several of the available boxes, to show only the rows that meet the specified values. Some of the boxes, such as Status or Blocking Type offer a finite number of possible values, provided by a drop-down list. Others, such as Application, allow you to enter whatever value and as many values as you wish, as a comma separated list. Toolbar icons allow you to sort the available boxes by category or alphabetically. Click the criteria to show a short description of the each one.

To filter the Job Activity Monitor, provide as many filter criteria as you want, click Apply filter, and then click OK.

All Jobs

This group of filter criteria is available when filtering the Job Activity Monitor.

Filter jobs by name.

Next Run
Filter by the date next scheduled to run.

View jobs that can be run, or jobs that cannot be run. Select Yes to view only jobs that can be run, select No to view only jobs that cannot be run, or select All to view both jobs that can be run and those that cannot.

Last Run
Filter by the date last run.

Last Run Outcome
Filter jobs by the status last time the jobs were run.

View only enabled or not enabled jobs

Filter jobs by the job category.

View all jobs with schedules, or without schedules.

Filter jobs by the status.

Description Area

Description Box
This unnamed box provides a short description of the criteria as they are selected.

Apply filter
To apply the filter, click Applyfilter and then click OK. To retain the filter settings in the FilterSettings dialog box, but not apply them, uncheck Applyfilter, and then click OK, to display all rows.

Returns the filter settings back to the default settings.

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