IRowsetFastLoad::InsertRow (OLE DB)

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Adds a row to the bulk copy rowset. For samples, see Bulk Copy Data Using IRowsetFastLoad (OLE DB) and Send BLOB Data to SQL SERVER Using IROWSETFASTLOAD and ISEQUENTIALSTREAM (OLE DB).


HRESULT InsertRow(  
      HACCESSOR hAccessor,  
      void* pData);  


The handle of the accessor defining the row data for bulk copy. The accessor referenced is a row accessor, binding consumer-owned memory containing data values.

A pointer to the consumer-owned memory containing data values. For more information, see DBBINDING Structures.

Return Code Values

The method succeeded. Any bound status values for all columns have value DBSTATUS_S_OK or DBSTATUS_S_NULL.

An error occurred. Error information is available from the rowset's error interfaces.

The pData argument was set to a NULL pointer.

SQLNCLI11 was unable to allocate sufficient memory to complete the request.

The method was called on a bulk copy rowset previously invalidated by the IRowsetFastLoad::Commit method.

The hAccessor argument provided by the consumer was invalid.

The specified accessor was not a row accessor or did not specify consumer-owned memory.


An error converting consumer data to the SQL Server data type for a column causes an E_FAIL return from the SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider. Data can be transmitted to SQL Server on any InsertRow method or only on Commit method. The consumer application can call the InsertRow method many times with erroneous data before it receives notice that a data type conversion error exists. Because the Commit method ensures that all data is correctly specified by the consumer, the consumer can use the Commit method appropriately to validate data as necessary.

The SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider bulk copy rowsets are write-only. The SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider exposes no methods allowing consumer query of the rowset. To terminate processing, the consumer can release its reference on the IRowsetFastLoad interface without calling the Commit method. There are no facilities for accessing a consumer-inserted row in the rowset and changing its values, or removing it individually from the rowset.

Bulk copied rows are formatted on the server for SQL Server. The row format is affected by any options that may have been set for the connection or session such as ANSI_PADDING. This option is set on by default for any connection made through the SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider.

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