Removing a Column from a SQL Server Table

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The SQL Server Native Client OLE DB provider exposes the ITableDefinition::DropColumn function. This allows consumers to remove a column from a SQL Server table.

Consumers specify the table name as a Unicode character string in the pwszNamemember of the uName union in the pTableID parameter. The eKindmember of pTableID must be DBKIND_NAME.

The consumer indicates a column name in the pwszNamemember of the uName union in the pColumnID parameter. The column name is a Unicode character string. The eKind member of pColumnID must be DBKIND_NAME.



DBID TableID;  
DBID ColumnID;  

TableID.eKind = DBKIND_NAME;  
TableID.uName.pwszName = L"MyTableName";  

ColumnID.eKind = DBKIND_NAME;  
ColumnID.uName.pwszName = L"MyColumnName";  

hr = m_pITableDefinition->DropColumn(&TableID, &ColumnID);  

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