SQL Server, Query Store Object

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The Query Store object provides counters to monitor resource utilization of SQL Server to store query texts, execution plans and runtime stats for objects such as stored procedures, ad hoc and prepared Transact-SQL statements, and triggers.

This table describes are the SQLServer:Query Storecounters.

SQL Server Query Store counters Description
Query Store CPU usage Indicates Query Stores usage of the CPU.
Query Store logical reads Indicates the number of logical reads made by the Query Store.
Query Store logical writes Indicates how much data is being queued to be flushed from the Query Store. The frequency and delay of adding items (that represent runtime stats) to the queue is controlled by Data Flush Interval setting.
Query Store physical reads Indicates the number of physical reads made by the Query Store.

Each counter in the object contains the following instances:

Query Store instance Description
_Total Information for the Query Store for this instance of SQL Server.
<database name> Query Store information for this database.

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