Check Disk Input-Output Subsystem for Read Retry Problems

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions)

This rule checks the event log for SQL Server error message 825. This message indicates that SQL Server was unable to read data from the disk on the first try. This message indicates a major problem with the disk I/O subsystem. This message does not currently indicate a SQL Server problem. However, the disk problem could cause data loss or database corruption if it is not resolved.

Best Practices Recommendations

The following actions might help you discover and resolve the underlying hardware problem:

  • Review the error log and the variable text in this message for clues that explain the problem.

  • Check the disk system. The problem could be related to the disks, the disk controllers, array cards, or disk drivers.

  • Contact the disk manufacturer for the latest utilities for checking the status of the disk system.

  • Contact the disk manufacturer for the latest driver updates.

For More Information


SQL Server I/O Basics, Chapter 2