Evaluate Policies Dialog Box, Policy Selection Page

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Use this dialog box to evaluate Policy-Based Management policies. By selecting the Evaluation Results page, you can apply policies to the items in a target set that do not comply with the policies.


Specifies the source of the policies. To change the source, click the Browse (...) button to open the Select Source dialog box.

Type the path of a file that contains a Policy-Based Management policy, or use the Browse (...) button to select the file.

Select to connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine that contains the policy that you want.

Policies: Policy
Click to open the policy dialog box for the specified policy.

Policies: Category
The category of the policy. This box is read-only.

Policies: Facet
The facet implemented by the policy. This box is read-only.

Runs the policy in evaluation mode. This generates a compliance report for the target set but does not reconfigure SQL Server or enforce future compliance.

Possible Errors

  • No targets found

    The target set could be empty due to any of the following reasons:

    • There are no targets on the instance of SQL Server of the type specified by the policy.

    • The server restriction might exclude the instance of SQL Server that contains the target.

    • If the policy is on an object in a database (for example a table, view, or user) the database might not subscribe to the category of the policy.

    • The target-set filter might exclude all targets on this instance of SQL Server.

    • The target server type is different from the server type on which the policy is evaluated. For example, in the Database Engine, if you try to evaluate a policy that has been created for Analysis Services, you will receive an empty target set

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