Publication Information, Warnings (Snapshot Publication, SQL Server 2005 and Later)

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The Warnings tab is available for Distributors that are running SQL Server 2005 and later versions. The Warnings tab allows you to perform the following tasks for the selected publication:

  • Enable warnings.

  • Specify thresholds associated with warnings.

  • Define alerts associated with warnings.

Warnings, Thresholds, and Alerts

By default, Replication Monitor displays warnings for uninitialized subscriptions: a status of Uninitialized subscription is displayed as a warning in the Status column of pages that include subscription information. For snapshot publications, you can also specify that imminent subscription expiration results in a warning by setting the option Warn if a subscription will expire within the threshold. If the specified threshold is met or exceeded, the subscription status is displayed as Expiring soon/Expired (unless an issue with a higher priority needs to be displayed).

In addition to displaying a warning in Replication Monitor, reaching a threshold can also trigger an alert. Alerts are defined by clicking Configure Alerts and providing information in the Configure Replication Alerts dialog box.


Select to enable a warning and specify a threshold.

A description of the warning associated with a threshold.

Specify a value for the threshold.

Configure Alerts
Select a row in the Warnings grid, and click Configure Alerts to launch the Configure Replication Alerts dialog box. The dialog box allows you to define an alert, which is associated with the selected threshold and warning.

Discard Changes
Click to discard any changes to warnings and thresholds.


Clicking Discard Changes does not affect alerts defined in the Configure Replication Alerts dialog box.

Save Changes
Click to save any changes to warnings and thresholds.

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