Specify an Alternate Snapshot Folder Location (SQL Server Management Studio)

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Specify an alternate snapshot location on the Snapshot page of the Publication Properties - <Publication> dialog box. For more information about accessing this dialog box, see View and Modify Publication Properties.

To specify an alternate snapshot location

  1. On the Snapshot page of the Publication Properties - <Publication> dialog box:

    1. Select Put files in the following folder, and then click Browse to navigate to a directory, or enter the path to the directory in which the snapshot files should be stored.


      The Snapshot Agent must have write permissions for the directory you specify, and the Distribution Agent or Merge Agent must have read permissions. If pull subscriptions are used, you must specify a shared directory as a universal naming convention (UNC) path, such as \\computername\snapshot. For more information, see Secure the Snapshot Folder.

    2. Clear Put files in the default folder unless you require snapshot files to be written to both locations.

      To compress the snapshot files, select Compress snapshot files in this location. Compression is typically used for low bandwidth connections and alternate snapshot locations on removable media, such as a CD-ROM.

  2. Click OK.

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