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You can give permission for other Publishers to use this Distributor. Be aware that enabling a Publisher to use this server as its remote Distributor does not make that server a Publisher. You must connect to the Publisher, configure it for publishing, and choose this server as the Distributor. You can configure the Publisher and choose a Distributor through the New Publication Wizard.

The servers you select as Publishers will use the distribution database specified on the Distribution Database page of this wizard. If you want to use a different distribution database, do not enable the Publisher at this time. Instead, use the Distributor Properties dialog box to add Publishers after you complete the Configure Distribution Wizard.


Select the servers that are allowed to use this Distributor. Click the properties button (...) next to a Publisher to view and set additional properties.

If the server you want to allow is not listed, click Add to add a Microsoft SQL Server Publisher or Oracle Publisher to the list of available Publishers.

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