Available Programming Samples

The following table lists the SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) programming samples available in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Samples\Engine\Programmability\SMO directory. These samples are available in both Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET.

For more information about how to install samples, see AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2012.

Title Description
BackRest Demonstrates how to back up and restore a database.
ChangeTableOwner Demonstrates how to change ownership of all tables that are not dbo to dbo.
CreateSPs Demonstrates how to create a SELECT stored procedure for each table in the selected database.
DatabaseSearch Displays all the objects in a database.
DependencyExplorer Implements dependency tree and property display window.
IndexSizes Displays index name and size for the selected database.
LoadRegAssembly Demonstrates how to load and register a Microsoft .NET Assembly into Microsoft SQL Server. Uses the UtilityConversion assembly.
ManageDatabases Demonstrates how to create, alter, and drop a database. Includes adding a new file group and log file.
ManageDatabaseUsers Demonstrates how to add, modify, and remove users.
ManageTables Demonstrates how to create, alter, and drop tables.
ScriptJobs Demonstrates how to script the dropping and creating of SQL Server Agent jobs.
ScriptTable Demonstrates how to script the dropping or creating of a table.
ServerConnect Demonstrates how to connect to the SQL Server system.
ServerInfo Displays a list of server and connection properties for the selected instance of SQL Server.
SMOPing A console application that connects to the selected instance of SQL Server and dumps selected properties. Can be used to check the SQL Server connection.
SQLServerList Enumerates a list of available instances of SQL Server.
SQLService Displays the SQL Server services that are available to start, stop, pause, and resume.
Tracer Reads and displays trace information from an instance of SQL Server.
Triggers Displays database triggers.
UtilityConversion Used with LoadRegAssembly. Contains demonstration common language runtime (CLR) functions for use with SQL Server.
VerifyBackup Verifies a backup on a backup device to ensure the data can be used to restore the database.