Performing Bulk Load of XML Data (SQLXML 4.0)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) YesAzure SQL Database

XML Bulk Load is a standalone COM object that allows you to load semistructured XML data into Microsoft SQL Server tables.

In This Section

Introduction to XML Bulk Load (SQLXML 4.0)
Provides general information about bulk loading XML data with the XML Bulk Load utility. Topics include XML data streaming and transacted vs. nontransacted bulk load operations.

Record Generation Process (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes the process and rules by which records are generated for XML Bulk Load.

Annotation Interpretation (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes how XML Bulk Load interprets annotations in XSD and XDR schemas.

SQL Server XML Bulk Load Object Model (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes the SQLXMLBulkLoad object and its methods and properties.

XML Bulk Load Examples (SQLXML 4.0)
Provides example code that uses XML Bulk Load.

Data Types and XML Bulk Load Behavior (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes XML Bulk Load Behavior with different types in XSD and XDR.

Guidelines and Limitations of XML Bulk Load (SQLXML 4.0)
Lists some issues to be aware of when working with XML Bulk Load.