Client-side and Server-side Formatting (SQLXML 4.0)

Applies to: yesSQL Server (all supported versions) YesAzure SQL Database

SQLXML provides two ways to format an XML document:

  • Server-side formatting

  • Client-side formatting

This section includes information about formatting XML documents on either the client side or the server side from the rowsets that are generated by queries executed against a database in Microsoft SQL Server.

In This Section

Architecture of Client-side and Server-side XML Formatting (SQLXML 4.0)
Provides architectural diagrams and describes the basics of client- and server-side formatting architecture in SQLXML.

Server-side XML Formatting (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes server-side XML formatting.

Client-side XML Formatting (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes client-side XML formatting, including information about using FOR XML on the client.

Client-side vs. Server-side XML Formatting (SQLXML 4.0)
Describes specific differences between client-side and server-side XML formatting.