sys.dm_fts_memory_pools (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server yesAzure SQL Database noAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Returns information about the shared memory pools available to the Full-Text Gatherer component for a full-text crawl or a full-text crawl range.

Column name Data type Description
pool_id int ID of the allocated memory pool.

0 = Small buffers

1 = Large buffers
buffer_size int Size of each allocated buffer in the memory pool.
min_buffer_limit int Minimum number of buffers allowed in the memory pool.
max_buffer_limit int Maximum number of buffers allowed in the memory pool.
buffer_count int Current number of shared memory buffers in the memory pool.


On SQL Server, requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission.
On SQL Database Premium Tiers, requires the VIEW DATABASE STATE permission in the database. On SQL Database Standard and Basic Tiers, requires the Server admin or an Azure Active Directory admin account.

Physical Joins

Significant joins of this dynamic management view

Relationship Cardinalities

From To Relationship
dm_fts_memory_buffers.pool_id dm_fts_memory_pools.pool_id Many-to-one


The following example returns the total shared memory owned by the Microsoft Full-Text Gatherer component of the SQL Server process:

SELECT SUM(buffer_size * buffer_count) AS "total memory"   
    FROM sys.dm_fts_memory_pools;  

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