managed_backup.fn_get_current_xevent_settings (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: yesSQL Server 2016 (13.x) and later

Returns 1 row for each Extended Event type supported by Smart Admn.

Use this function to return or review the current Extended Event settings to identify the type of events that are configurable and the current configurations.

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smart_admin.fn_get_current_xevent_settings ()   


This function does not have any arguments.

Table Returned

Admin, analytic, and operational channels of the Extended Events are necessary are enabled by default and not configurable.

Column Name Data Type Description
Event_name NVARCHAR(128) Extended Event type
is_configurable NVARCHAR(128) This is set to True if the event is configurable, else it set to False.
is_enabled NVARCHAR(128) This is set to True if the event is enabled, set to False if it is not enabled. Use the smart_admin.sp_set_parameter to enable debug events.



Requires SELECT permissions on the function.


The following example returns all the Extended Events with their current status.

FROM smart_admin.fn_get_current_xevent_settings ()