sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds (Transact-SQL)

APPLIES TO: YesSQL Server YesAzure SQL Database (Managed Instance only) NoAzure Synapse Analytics (SQL DW) NoParallel Data Warehouse

Returns information on the number of pending commands for a subscription to a transactional publication and a rough estimate of how much time it takes to process them. This stored procedure returns one row for each returned subscription. This stored procedure, which is used to monitor replication, is executed at the Distributor on the distribution database.

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sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds [ @publisher = ] 'publisher'  
        , [ @publisher_db = ] 'publisher_db'  
        , [ @publication = ] 'publication'  
        , [ @subscriber = ] 'subscriber'  
        , [ @subscriber_db = ] 'subscriber_db'   
        , [ @subscription_type = ] subscription_type  


[ @publisher = ] 'publisher' Is the name of the Publisher. publisher is sysname, with no default.

[ @publisher_db = ] 'publisher_db' Is the name of the published database. publisher_db is sysname, with no default.

[ @publication = ] 'publication' Is the name of the publication. publication is sysname, with no default.

[ @subscriber = ] 'subscriber' Is the name of the Subscriber. subscriber is sysname, with no default.

[ @subscriber_db = ] 'subscriber_db' Is the name of the subscription database. subscriber_db is sysname, with no default.

[ @subscription_type = ] subscription_type If the type of subscription. publication_type is int, with no default and can be one of these values.

Value Description
0 Push subscription
1 Pull subscription

Result Sets

Column name Data type Description
pendingcmdcount int The number of commands that are pending for the subscription.
estimatedprocesstime int Estimate of the number of seconds required to deliver all of the pending commands to the Subscriber.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)


sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds is used with transactional replication.


Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role at the Distributor or members of the db_owner fixed database role in the distribution database can execute sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds. Members of the publication access list for a publication that uses the distribution database can execute sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds to return pending commands for that publication.

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