MSlogreader_agents (Transact-SQL)

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The MSlogreader_agents table contains one row for each Log Reader Agent running at the local Distributor. This table is stored in the distribution database.

Column name Data type Description
id int The ID of the Log Reader Agent.
name nvarchar(100) The name of the Log Reader Agent.
publisher_id smallint The ID of the Publisher.
publisher_db sysname The name of the Publisher database.
publication sysname The name of the publication.
local_job bit Indicates whether there is a SQL Server Agent job on the local Distributor.
job_id binary(16) The job identification number.
profile_id int The configuration ID from the MSagent_profiles table.
publisher_security_mode smallint The security mode used by the agent when connecting to the Publisher, which can be one of the following:

0 = Microsoft SQL Server Authentication.

1 = Microsoft Windows Authentication.
publisher_login sysname The login used when connecting to the Publisher.
publisher_password nvarchar(524) The encrypted value of the password that is used when connecting to the Publisher.
job_step_uid uniqueidentifier The unique ID of the SQL Server Agent job step in which the agent is started.

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