MSmerge_contents (Transact-SQL)

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The MSmerge_contents table contains one row for each row modified in the current database since it was published. This table is used by the merge process to determine the rows that have changed. This table is stored in the publication and subscription databases.

Column name Data type Description
tablenick int The nickname of the published table.
rowguid uniqueidentifier The row identifier for the given row.
generation bigint The generation of the row identified by the tablenick and rowguid.
partchangegen bigint The generation associated with the last data change that could have changed whether the row belongs in a filtered publication.
lineage varbinary(501) The subscriber nickname, version number pairs that are used to maintain a history of changes to this row.
colvl varbinary(7489) The column version information.
marker uniqueidentifier Identified for informational purposes only. Not supported. Future compatibility is not guaranteed.
logical_record_parent_rowguid uniqueidentifier Identifies the top-level parent row in MSmerge_contents (by rowguid) for each corresponding child row in a logical record.
logical_record_lineage varbinary(501) Subscriber nickname, version number pairs that are used to maintain a history of changes to the top-level parent row in a logical record. For all child rows in a logical record, this value is NULL.
logical_relation_change_gen bigint The generation value associated with the last change that caused realignment in the logical record, where an existing row moved into or out of a logical record.

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