How to find the product key for SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Reporting Services (2017 and later) noPower BI Report Server

Learn how to find your SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services (SSRS) product key so you can install your server in a production environment.

To find your product key, you start by downloading and running setup for SQL Server 2017.

  1. Download SQL Server 2017 from one of these sources:

    • Volume Licensing Service Center
    • MSDN subscription
    • Retail (download from Microsoft Store)
  2. Run SQL Server 2017 setup and copy the pre-populated key:

    Copy the SQL Server 2017 product key

  3. Run Reporting Services setup and paste the key:

    Paste the product key

You should only have to do this step the first time you install SSRS 2017. Servicing updates shouldn't require you to enter the key.

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